The Tenure Track at RWTH

  Dörte Rother Copyright: Sascha Kreklau  

The tenure track option is the reason I considered pursuing an academic career and having a family. And it worked out – I now enjoy a W2 professorship in an exciting research and teaching environment and my three amazing kids.

Dörte Rother


Klaus Gertig © Stella Conrads


Klaus Gertig

Head of Division 8.5


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The tenure track professorship is a central pillar of RWTH’s appointment strategy. It is the standard career path in all academic disciplines at the University. By creating new tenure track positions, established research areas are being expanded and new key research areas developed.

Moreover, tenure track positions provide highly attractive career options for early-career researchers and thus promote the recruitment of outstanding young scholars and scientists.

The tenure track process offers multiple career paths for early-career reseachers. In case of a positive evaluation, the limited W1 position is turned into an unlimited professorship position at the W2 salary level. In exceptional cases, the tenure track professorship is advertised as a W2 position and turned, upon positive evaluation, into a full W3 professorship. The endowment of individual tenure track professorships depends on a range of disciplinary and structural aspects.

The tenure track procedures regulate the appointment process and specify that upon successful evaluation, tenure track researchers are offered permanent positions at the University. This process is fully transparent, comprehensible and follows clear rules, ensuring that RWTH is in a strong position to attract, recruit and maintain excellent researchers from Germany and anywhere in the world.

Appointed tenure track professors receive support through a mentoring scheme. Furthermore, they are eligible to benefit from the offerings of the Center for Professional Leadership, CPL for short, which assist them in developing the skills and experience required to achieve the next step in their career.