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Center for Molecular Transformations

CMT is currently involved in the following large scale interdisciplinary research projects, which are either at the final evaluation stage or ongoing projects that have already been approved:


Seiten aus CD-Manual-einseitig.jpgOverview
The research cluster „Sustainable Chemical Synthesis – A Systems Approach (SusChemSys) in North Rhine-Westfalia is aiming at innovative methods and technologies for sustainable synthesis of chemical products by academic and industrial research partners. The research is focused on premarket technologies and fosters interdisciplinary research of scientists and engineers, including a graduate school to educate the next generation of researchers.

The grant proposalof SusChemSys was written and filed by CMT. Additionally, CMT will provide managament support and coordinate the cluster.


  • academic partners: RWTH Aachen University, Ruhr Universität Bochum, TU Dortmund, University Münster, University Köln, MPI für Kohlenforschung
  • industrial partners: Bayer Material Science AG, Bayer Technology Services AG, Evonik Industries AG, Jowat AG, Henkel KGaA, Oxea GmbH, Solvay S.A.
  • project volume: 5,1 million €
  • status: started January 2012

SusChemSys is financially supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, by the academic as well as industrial partners and by the European Union.

Bioeconomy Science Center


BioSC boosts research on food & feed, chemical utilisation of biomass, energetical utilisation of biomass and bio-based materials. The novel developed methods will be confirmed and the economic and ecologic implications considered - parallel to the ongoing research. The science center is a first answer to the challenge of a future "knowledge based bioeconomy" (KBBE).

CMT coordinates the efforts of RWTH Aachen University and further supports the head office, which is localized in Jülich.


  • academic partners: RWTH Aachen University, University Bonn, HHU Düsseldorf, Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • project volume: 68.5 million €
  • status: started in September 2011


Logo SinchemOverview
SINCHEM is an Erasmus Mundus joint Doctoral Program in Sustainable Industrial Chemistry. SINCHEM seeks to exploit fundamental knowledge to applied development by facilitating collaborations between high level academic and industrial teams across Europe. Our main mission is to transfer sustainable/green chemistry from idea to innovation

CMT coordinates Sinchem at RWTH Aachen University.


  • full partners: University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy), University of Messina (Italy), University of Nottingham (UK), Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Montpellier (France), RWTH Aachen University (Germany), University of Lyon (France), Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
  • associated partners: 18 further partners in 7 different countries
  • runtime: 2013-2020;
  • status: starts October 2013