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The Challenge

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Need for Research

The ability to understand, predict, and control molecular transformations is the primary prerequisite to establish a sustainable chemical and energetic supply chain.

Fundamental scientific challenges resulting from this aim are met at the interdisciplinary interface of chemistry, biology and (bio-) chemical engineering. These scientific challenges include the development of novel synthetic strategies for molecular transformations or the discovery and reengineering of efficient chemo- and biocatalysts by rational design and evolutionary algorithms.

The Mission

The aim of CMT is to foster cooperation at RWTH Aachen University between partners that can contribute knowledge to the supply chain. CMT supports the partners in their search for suitable co-operation partners within industry or academia or in fund-raising for large scale projects. Ultimately a unique and paramount knowledgepool will be built, where new and emerging scientific questions can be adressed instantly.

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Building upon an existing history of interdisciplinary research, CMT is the first systematic approach to address needs in interdisciplinary research. The work of the Scientific integration teams is focused in particular on the timeframe before the start of large scale research-projects.

CMT Members

Currently 22 groupleaders (see image on the right) of RWTH Aachen are gathered in CMT, spanning from plant biology to organic synthesis and large scale process engineering. The research interest (synthesis, catalysts, processes) is represented by the location in the circle, whereas the association to university departments (chemistry, biology, engineering) is represented by the color.

CMT is open for new members that are interested in interdisciplinary research and extend their knowledge within the scope of research.