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CMT - Scientific Integration Team

Dr. Tobias Klement

MSc Klement

Tobias Klement studied biotechnology and graduated from RWTH Aachen University in 2008. During his PhD thesis in the group of Prof. Büchs (AVT - Biochemical Engineering), Dr. Klement focused on the biotechnological production of platform chemicals from natural resources in the cluster of excellence “Tailor-made fuels from Biomass”.

Biotechnology and process engineering

In May 2013, Dr. Klement joined the Center for Molecular Transformations to cover the interface between biotechnology and process engineering. Since October 2017, he succeeds Dr. Palkovits as managing director of the Center for Molecular Transformations.

Contact: klement(at) or +49 241 80 20562

Dr. Veronica Grüntzig

Dr. Grüntzig

Veronica Grüntzig studied biology at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, majoring in molecular biology. In 2007 she finished her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University, USA, in the group of Dr. James Tiedje. During her doctoral studies she worked on the denitrification process taking place in marine sediments, focusing specifically on the reduction from nitrite to nitric oxide. After working at the coordination office of the International Max Planck Research School “Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and Chemical Techniques” and at the Vice-Rectorate for Research at the University of Jena, she joined the Center for Molecular Transformations in October 2013.


In October 2013, Dr. Grüntzig joined the Center for Molecular Transformations.

Contact: gruentzig(at) or +49 241 80 20583

Dr. Stefanie Mersmann

Dr. Mersmann

Stefanie Mersmann studied chemistry at the RWTH Aachen. She performed her doctoral studies focusing on quantumchemical calculations and CD sepctroscopy under supervision of Prof. Bolm and Prof. Raabe at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of RWTH Aachen University and received her doctoral degree in 2013.

Afterwards, she worked in the interdisciplinary cluster of excellence “Tailor-made fuels from Biomass”. Furthermore, she received the certificate “Certified Project Management Associate” from the GPM.


In January 2014, Dr. Mersmann joined the Center for Molecular Transformations. Her main interest is in projects focusing on chemical topics.

Contact: mersmann(at) or +49 241 80 26591

Dipl. Kauffrau Cora Schings

Cora Schings studied economy and graduated as Diplom Kauffrau from RWTH Aachen.

Business studies

Mrs Schings joined the Center for Molecular Transformation in October 2011 and supports the team with her expertise on business studies.

Contact: schings(at) or +49 241 80 20561

Former members of the Scientific Integration Team


  • Dr. Stefan Palkovits (geb. Olejnik)

    ITMC. Being its former managing director, Dr. Palkovits continues to support the CMT as board member.
  • Dr. Thomas Ostapowicz

    Post-Doc in Vancouver, Kanada
  • Dr. Stefanie-Joana Tenne

    Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Dr. Jens Langanke

    Bayer Technology Services, Leverkusen
  • Dr. Dominik Behrendt

    Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • Dipl. Chemiker Marcel Picard

    Umicore AG & Co. KG, Hanau